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Welcome to the Danbury Ski Club
A Club for All Seasons
We are 60 years young!

Our Weston, Vermont Lodge is available to all DSC Members and their guests!

The Maples, Danbury Ski Club's seasonal lodge, is located on Route 100 in Weston, Vermont.  It is is situated close to several of Vermont’s central and southern ski areas; just over a three-hour drive from Danbury. Our lodge is in a fabulous and charming old farmhouse, complete with wide board floors and a wood burning fireplace!  It's a great place to meet all your ski buddies or make new ones.  You can scoot out early to grab first chair at your favorite mountain, lounge around, shop at the nearby Vermont Country Store or surf the web and check your email with our free WiFi access!   More Lodge photos here. 


The lodge accommodates up to 27 guests in six bedrooms.

There are 3 bathrooms. A men's and a women's bathroom on the second floor, each with a shower, double/triple sinks, and toilet. The ladies' room has a full tub. There is an additional bathroom on the first floor with a sink, toilet and shower. The dining room seats up to 20 people. The kitchen has 3 refrigerator/freezers, 2 stoves and ample plates and cooking utensils.  The living room is large with several comfy sofas, chairs, recliners, a wood burning fireplace, an old-time player piano, flat screen TV and is stocked with several board games. Wi-Fi Internet access is free to all and available throughout the house. There is incoming land-line phone service; guests should bring a calling card if they wish to make outgoing long-distance calls. You provide your own towels, linens, toiletries and food. Our lodge is professionally cleaned on a regular basis.


Nightly Rates for 2017-18 Ski Season:

  • Members - $27 Adult, $18 Child/Teen (17 and under) A family of 4 can stay for only $90!!
  • Non-Member Guests - $32 Adult, $23 Child/Teen

Deals and Discounts:

  • Early Bird Discount: Pre-buy 5 adult nights for $110.00 or 5 Child/Teen vouchers for $75.00. Discount vouchers available from late October until the Christmas Party, Thurs. December 14, 2017. Discount vouchers are transferable to other DSC members, are non-refundable and may not be carried over to the following season.  See Lodge Chairman Sam Griffith at a DSC meeting to purchase your vouchers. Please contact Sam if you have any questions.

Reservations and Payments:

    Please email Lisa Bilodeau

     Make your payments at any DSC Business Meeting or send to:

   DSC  PO Box 3473 Danbury, CT 06810-3473


The Maples is located at 947 Route 100, Weston, VT 05161. (43.309144, -72.786512)

GPS and Internet mapping site users be warned:  Computer mapping aids MAY try to route you through Andover (the "short cut" mentioned below.)  This route is very hilly and is not recommended in bad weather. If there is any question about road conditions, the Club advises you use the following route through Londonderry:

  • Take I-91 North to Exit 6 in Vermont and turn left onto 103 to Chester.
  • Once in Chester, follow Route 11 West to Londonderry. 
  • Turn right onto Route 100 North to Weston. As you go through Weston you will see a Mobil gas station on your left. The Maples is an additional 1 mile north. When you see Brandemeyer's Mountain Lodge on your right, slow down. The Maples is the 2nd house on the right, a red farmhouse with a white porch with DSC Logos on the columns. If you get to the junction of Rt 155 and 100, turn around -- you're about two miles too far north. Should you be totally lost, the phone number at the lodge is (802) 824-3298.

There is a short cut from Rt 11 to the Mobil station in Weston which will cut 10 miles off your ride, but it is not recommended in bad weather: 

  • Take I-91 North to Exit 6 in Vermont and turn left onto 103 to Chester.
  • Once in Chester, take Route 11 West.  Continue approximately 4 miles.
  • Take a right onto Andover Rd a few miles past Chester. Follow Andover Rd to Rt 100 in Weston
  • Make a right on Rt 100 and go 1 mile north to the Maples.


Lodge Rules:

Please be courteous to other members by abiding these rules, which are also posted in the lodge. Lodge abuse can result in the loss of privileges.

  • Running the lodge is strictly a volunteer effort, so your patience is appreciated!
  • All reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Full payment is due at the time the reservation is made. If you make your reservation over the phone, payment must be received within 3 days or at the next meeting.  If the lodge approaches full capacity, you may be bumped from your bed.
  • All reservations are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.
  • The Club reserves the right to re-arrange room assignments to better accommodate our guests. We will try to avoid disturbing families, couples or those guests who want to room together, and will notify you if we have to do this.
  • Please do not change your assigned room.  This will eliminate conflicts with other guests' rooms.  Also, please do not leave personal belongings in your room after you check out, as other guests may be assigned to that room at any time.
  • All the rooms in the lodge are co-ed.
  • Please remember your room number. You may take any available bed in your assigned room.
  • Since the bathrooms are shared, it is important that you clean up after yourself. We also ask that you do not lock the door.
  • For safety, please lock the front door if you're the last one out.
  • For your own protection do not leave any valuables in the lodge.
  • You must supply your own linens (or sleeping bags) and towels, as they are not provided. There are blankets and pillows.
  • Please wash, dry and put away all dishes, pots, pans and utensils when you are through with them. Do not leave any dishes in the sink or in the drain.
  • To avoid the risk of fire, please leave the coffee pots plugged into the timers.
  • Regular garbage goes in the container in the kitchen. When the container is full, please take the bags outside and put them in the large garbage cans located on the porch. Please remember to make sure the lids are hooked or the animals will make a mess.
  • Please bring home all your recyclables, including all bottles, cans, glass, aluminum and plastic.
  • There are drying racks in the bathroom. Please do not dry anything in front of the fireplace.
  • Please follow the instructions for using the fireplace, which are posted on the mantle.
  • Kindly refrain from cooking on the fireplace. This includes marshmallows, popcorn and chestnuts.
  • Please leave the ashes in the fireplace.
  • Please be considerate in the parking area. If you plan to leave early in the morning, park accordingly. Please park in the lots to either side of the house. No parking or unloading in front of the house or the area in front of the garage, which is reserved for the owners.
  • Parents must supervise their children at all times and should act as examples in observing the house rules. Please do not leave your children unattended. Respect other guests quite time after 10pm
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the lodge.
  • Eating and drinking are limited to the kitchen, dining and living rooms. Food or drink is not allowed in the bedrooms.
  • Please be respectful of other people’s belongings. If it isn’t yours, please don’t touch it. This includes sleeping bags, clothing, food and beverages
  • When you leave please take all leftover food with you, including chips, cookies, cereal, bread, and open containers of milk, juice and soda.
  • Sorry, but no pets are allowed.
  • The Lodge's WiFi service has limited bandwidth all users must share.  Please be considerate of other users and limit downloading and streaming.
  • Cell phone reception is spotty and most cell phones will not receive a signal.  The Lodge phone supports incoming, local and toll-free phone service; please bring a calling card if you wish to make long-distance calls.
  • And the most important rule of all .... HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!!!

Please remember that this is your lodge and it is what you make of it. Please abide by the above rules and encourage others to do so.  We would hate to do it, but violations of the rules may result in a revocation of lodge privileges.